Monday, 2 September 2013

Yank's House - My Patchwork Quilt

This summer I took delivery of a beautiful quilt for the Yank’s House - commissioned from and made by a friend. The house isn’t ready for soft furnishings but when it is this quilt will look right at home.  Therese – the quilter, worked with us in the office for a few months. This gave me an opportunity to see some of her handy work and I was so impressed I asked if she would be interested in making me a quilt. I told Therese I would like it made in reds and blues and in a random pattern so it would resemble a quilt made over time by the woman of the house. Only problem is the woman of the (Yank’s) house cannot stitch to save her life.

If you want to read how Therese got on making my quilt – visit her blog at

If you are interested in a short history of quilting this web site might interest you

On this web site the author tells us the tradition of quilt making in Ireland was passed down for the lady in the big house to local women working in service.

I am unsure how strong the tradition of quilting was in rural Ireland, back in the day when the Yank built his house. Some of you may know more about this than I do. As children, our father’s old coats were often used in cold weather to give extra warmth. We didn’t have any beautiful handmade quilts on our beds. However quilting has been traced back to ancient Egypt and examples found in tombs of Pharohs.

So it is reasonable to assume the Yank would have had a quilt on his bed – either way this lovely quilt will look amazing.

Thank you so much Therese for making it for me. You are a truly gifted young woman

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