Tuesday 29 October 2013

Yank's House - Doer-upper Part 2

Back in my posting on 3rd August ‘Is it time for a doer-upper", I promised you a follow-up when I would feature some of my favourite urban properties for you to consider. If I ever had to move from the countryside into a town or city my first choice would be the town of Trim in Co Meath. It is such a beautiful spot with the river Boyne snaking it’s way from one historical building to another.

So I am delighted to be able to tell you all about a great doer-upper in my favourite town. Maybe if I win the lottery Pat will let me invest in this one! If the property market weren’t so flat at the moment I would sell everything, including the Yank’s house for a shot at doing this house up. I just love it. Priced at €280,000, I don’t think this house will hang around on the market for too long.

It would be imposable to do a feature on urban doer-uppers without looking at a property in Dublin city. Since the ending of the ‘boom years’ property in the city has become so much more affordable. This offers great opportunities for anyone prepared to take on a project.   I could have picked any number of great houses to highlight but decided to tell you about no 1 Dalymount on North Circular Road.

Good friends of ours live further up this row of houses and their home is so welcoming and has such a great atmosphere that I imagine no 1 has the potential to be a similarly spectacular home.   Also what I love about no 1 is that all the original features are intact, waiting to be restored to their former glory. Beautiful plaster work, fireplaces and original doors, shutters, windows and floors all await the love of a new custodian.


Something very different is St. Bernard’s, Church Roard, Tramore, Co Waterford. 

I love the style of this house and in particular I love the yellow bathroom and this great pink fireplace.

The sad thing about this lovely jem is that I am sure it will be moderenised beond recognition. I cannot imagine that either of these features will survive a revamp and the romantic in me is sad. Priced at €425,000 this house is not cheap but lets hope whoever the new owners will be that they will see and keep many of it’s hidden tresures.  


  1. Lovely piece! All with great potential and could be wonderful with an imaginative new owner. Love looking at doer-uppers and dreaming!

  2. What would life be like if we couldn't dream? Thanks for your message - Looking Our Best