Saturday 5 January 2013

Yank’s House – 2013

My God – where has the time gone? It seems no length at all since we were all excited about the new millennium and now in a blink of an eye it is 2013. Why is it that as one gets older – each year appears shorter? For me it is a double whammy because I was a New Year baby. So on the turning of each year I am also reminded that I am a year older. 

I just spoke to my mother on the phone before I started to write this week’s blog and she reminded me that 2012 didn’t end too badly even if it wasn’t a great year for us. Personally 2012 brought a major challenge to our door. And while I know Pat won’t want me to blog about it – it was the year we fought cancer – fought and won. So yes we are glad to leave 2012 behind us.  I guess my mam is right and so this gives me more reason to make 2013 the first year in the rest of my life.  Forget about age – it is only a number.

Right – so what is the plan for 2013 then? Well at Yank’s house work continues. Excitingly, maybe this will be the year we finish the restoration and can start to enjoy the house and share it with our friends. Pat and I are 30 years married this May and I have set us a deadline to have the house ready for a big party to celebrate this event.  So watch this space and see how our plans progress.

One of my plans for 2013 is to preserve the footprint of the old yard. There are bits of old stone walls and broken down buildings from times past. I do not intend to rebuild these as full buildings again but rather to restore and point the old walls to create some outdoor rooms/spaces and at the same time preserve the history of the site.

Inside the house there is a lot of finishing off jobs to tackle. So as soon as we start back I will keep you informed with photos and chat.

So no photos from Yank’s house this week but here are photos of two painting I did this Christmas. Both commissions so gone to their new homes at this stage but just to prove I haven’t been idle. I will talk again next week and welcome back friends and followers.

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