Saturday 9 February 2013

Yank's House - Old floor boards - help needed.

The next big job I need to tackle at The Yank’s House will be finishing the wooden floors. These are the original floor boards and they have taken quite a battering over the years. I haven’t decided yet how to finish them.
The first problem is they are very dirty and covered in dust and lime. Originally there was a two foot border painted black around each room. The middle of the room was covered with lino. But now with all the dust and lime that has been walked into them you cannot see the border any more. In fact the floors look very light in colour.

So the first thing I need to research is how to clean them. What should I wash them with? Should I wash them at all? Or should I just sand them?

Any ideas welcome.

On the top floor the boards are not in great condition. I am considering painting them. I need to find out about floor paints. What type of paint to use? Do you wax or varnish over the paint? I have lots of questions but no answers.

In the middle floor the timber is in better condition but again the floors need cleaning. Then I will need to decide if I should stain the boards, do I varnish them or do I wax them. 

It is time to get back online and into my many books for ideas and inspiration I think.  And maybe some of you can help by telling me what you did – maybe share a photo.

Some sites I like

I like this video on painting a floor,,20278875,00.html
How to restore wooden floors – ideas here

Looks like I have to get the sander out. Might make a start next week.

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